Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding is a magical event that should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You have just been looking forward to your wedding your entire life after all! If having an outdoor wedding is something you’ve always wanted, making it a reality is not at all impossible. When planning an outdoor wedding, there are some different steps you’d take compared to planning a typical wedding in an indoor venue. Your outdoor wedding will be absolutely wonderful! Here are some tips on planning the perfect outdoor wedding:


Use Natural Surroundings to Set the Decor Vibe

Many outdoor weddings are set in lush natural surroundings, which is the main reason many couples go with outdoor weddings in the first place. For your wedding decor plans, make sure to use the details of your nature to your advantage. Florals, ivy details, arches and wood accents, there is so much to explore with decor in your outdoor wedding!


Find Your Vendors and Catering

Finding the vendor teams to work your wedding is pretty much the same process it would be for an indoor wedding. When planning for catering, you should ask them how many outdoor weddings they’ve worked and whether they would be comfortable working from a catering tent. The best part about an outdoor wedding is that you can further explore different choices of catering and preparation, such as wood oven pizza or even a barbecue roasting pit!


Light Up Your Space

Outdoor settings give you so much more freedom for lighting. Whether you want string lights, lanterns, candles, etc., the possibilities as you explore proper lighting for your space are endless! It’s crucial to have very extensive lighting, especially when the sun sets! Some amazing options for outdoor wedding lighting can include hanging candles, rattan chandeliers, and dainty floating light globes!


Consider the Weather

Sudden rain and storms can be the culprit that tries to ruin your outdoor wedding. Be prepared, have party tents set up to provide shade and protection from any sudden rain. You can further decorate the tents with your theme colors and other accents for the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic!


Consider the Restroom Situation

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding in a remote location without access to an indoor space, it is crucial you consider restrooms. Make sure to rent portable restrooms and hand-washing stations to make sure guests are perfectly accommodate on your special day. If decor is very important to you, you can even add any remaining ribbons and accents to the outside of your portable bathrooms for added detail.


Having an outdoor wedding gives you so many options to explore that an indoor wedding would not offer. You may be looking to rent a variety of items, such as tents to protect your guests and add a boost to your overall space. If you’re looking for reliable tent rentals in Newport Beach, Town & Country Event Rentals is the one-stop place for you. Make your dream outdoor wedding come to life!


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