4 Signs Your Sewer Line is Broken

Sewer lines run beneath the ground to carry wastewater from your home to the primary sewer system. If there are hidden leaks on your property, clogged or broken sewer lines can be the cause. Broken sewer lines don’t only disturb your plumbing system. Still, they are also a health hazard to your or your family if they contaminate your water supply.


A broken sewer line is not something to ignore. You must repair them immediately to avoid property damage and other costly repairs. Luckily, several signs indicate you have a broken sewer line. Let’s discuss.


Top Signs You Have a Broken Sewer Line


Here are the four main signs of a broken sewer line:


1.   Foul Odors


Since sewer lines have all sorts of wastes traveling through them, it’s crucial to pay close attention to foul-smelling odors in your home. We often ignore odors or smells coming from the drains and assume it’s something that hasn’t thoroughly washed down the drain. However, if you notice the smell of rotten eggs or sewage coming from your drains or plumbing fixtures, you should contact a professional plumber immediately for an inspection.


Before you call, take note of a few things. Where does the smell seem to come from? Does it smell more like sewage or natural gas? If you notice the smell of gas, you need to get away from your property and contact a reliable professional immediately. Ignoring foul odors coming from your plumbing can lead to more significant damage and health risks.


2.   Slow Drains


Another common sign of a broken sewer pipe is a slow drain. When your lines break or crack, you’ll notice reduced water pressure. Slow drains are a classic sign that there’s a problem with your pipes. The most common causes of broken pipes include aging, deterioration, tree root invasions, and more. The faster you get them checked, the less chance there is of more significant damage. Since broken pipes can flood your property, you need to contact someone immediately for repairs. Ignoring these issues can lead to substantial water damage.


3.   Overly Green or Soggy Lawn Areas


Believe it or not, if you notice that an area of your lawn has lush green patches of grass, you might have a sewer pipe break. Because some of the components in the leaked water can act as excellent fertilizers, sewer leaks can actually improve the look of your lawn temporarily. On the other hand, you may also notice wet areas that produce a foul smell. This is another indication of a broken sewer pipe that’s leaking into your lawn.


4.   Infestation of Insects and Rodents


Sewer leaks and standing water are enormous attractions for unwanted pests. Keep a close eye out for these visitors and have your pipes professionally inspected to avoid more significant damage. If you suddenly notice an infestation of insects and rodents, you may want to call your local plumber.


5.   Mold or Mildew Growth


When a sewer line break happens, you can also notice mold, mildew, and other bacteria growing on your walls, ceilings, or floors. This doesn’t just cause damage to your home or business, but it can also negatively impact your health. Call a plumber immediately if you notice signs of bacteria growth.


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