Asphalt Shingle Repair

Asphalt Shingle Repair – Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

Asphalt shingle repair

Asphalt shingle repair is a great idea for a number of reasons. First of all, it is inexpensive compared to other types of roofs. And if done correctly, it can last for several decades. But like any other major asset, it needs regular maintenance to last. There are some signs that your roof needs repair, so it is important to be proactive rather than reactive.

Less expensive than other types of roofs

Asphalt shingle repair is comparatively cheaper compared to other types of roof repair. The average cost of repairing an asphalt shingle roof is about $150 to $200 per square foot. This price includes labor, materials, and waste. It also includes the cost of fasteners and felt or synthetic underlayment.

As long as your asphalt shingle roof is not damaged too badly, you can expect it to last for about 20 years or so. However, it is important to note that asphalt shingles are prone to mold, moisture, and heat and may need repair more frequently than other types of roofs.

If your asphalt shingle roof is in bad shape, you may want to use a pressure washer to clean the area. Although pressure washing can help prevent a lot of damage, it will not solve every problem. However, you should avoid stepping on a wet roof. You should also pay attention to the way that shingles are secured. Asphalt, wood, tile, rubber, and metal shingles are typically secured with nails, while concrete and solar shingles use special adhesives.

Cost effective

Cost effective asphalt shingle repair is an option for homeowners that want to protect their homes for as long as possible. These shingles are inexpensive, durable, and easy to install. However, if your shingles are beyond repair, you may want to consider a more permanent solution such as composite shingles. These shingles mimic the color, texture, and appearance of plain asphalt shingles. They are available in a variety of colors and textures and cost around $400 per square foot.

Although the cost of asphalt shingles is low, if they get damaged, they should be replaced as soon as possible. There are two main types of asphalt shingles, fiberglass shingles and organic mat-based shingles. Beaumont Roofer Unlike fiberglass shingles, organic mat shingles are made from a higher percentage of asphalt, which makes them thicker and heavier. Also, these shingles are more durable and can absorb more damage.

Signs of needing a repair

If your asphalt shingles are aging, there are several signs you may need to consider asphalt shingle repair. First, you may notice granules in your gutter. These are the result of damaged shingles and are a warning sign of roof damage. Luckily, you can prevent these granules from accumulating and causing damage.

Another sign that you may need to get your roof repaired is if your roof is leaking. Water can seep through a leaking roof and cause major damage to your home. It can also rot your roof rafters and sheathing. The damage can add up over time, so it’s essential to prevent water damage.

Usually, asphalt shingle roofs last for around twenty to twenty-five years. However, even if your asphalt shingles are past their expected lifespan, you can still get repairs for them if necessary. Whether or not you need to get a full replacement depends on whether the damage is minor or severe.

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